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Tutorial "How to use Layered Photo Mask and create amazing Christmas card"

Today I have brand new product at my store Winter Layered Photo Mask and here's Tutorial how to use them and how create amazing Christmas card quick and easy.

In this tutorial I used Seasons Greetings Collection by Indigo Designs.

1. Make a new document 5x7" or any other size.

2. Open your background and drag it into your layout, I used paper #4 from the Seasons Greetings kit.

3. Open Winter Layered Photo Mask.

4. Select all layers in the layers pallete. Just click once on the top layer to select it, then hold down your Shift key and click on the bottom layer. This will select the top layer, the bottom layer, and all the layers in between.

5. Drag all selected layers into your new document. (Be sure to select the Move tool (V) from the Tools panel.) Adjust the size.

6. Bring the photo into your document and place a photo above the Mask. Resize your photo. Clip your photo to the mask, simply go Layer > Create Clipping Mask.

7. Add some embellishments and word art, I used elements from the Seasons Greetings.

That's all. You are done unique Christmas Card.

photo by Svetlana Golubeva

And here's another example I created from Winter Miracle Collection and Winter Layered Photo Masks.

photo by Iga Logan

Credit: Winter Layered Photo Masks available at PBP and GP, Seasons Greetings Collection   at PBP and GP, Winter Miracle Collection   at PBP and GP, photos by Svetlana Golubeva and Iga Logan.

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful.


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